key to Whidbey Island real estate This special place.

Whidbey Island is a unique geographic and geologic island formation. Investing in this market place requires a solid understanding of soils, water systems, surface water control, utility installation costs, land use limitations, zoning, county codes, easements, uniform building code, development costs, climate, local politics, etc. There is limited opportunity to receive the benefits of municipal services. In most instances you will be your own provider or co-provider of the infrastructure for development. Septic and private water systems are a way of life. Attention to development limitations and the long-term viability of existing development is critical.

downtown Coupeville, WAMost real estate agents act as tour guides and can easily meet outsider’s minimum requirements for information. This is not a place for minimum requirements based on mainland experience or cursory review based on appearances. We must address long-term carrying capacities and use potentials for vacant land or the land under existing developments. Structures can be repaired or replaced. The land is not as flexible or forgiving.

Investing on Whidbey is very different from any other real estate purchase. Please consider this possibility and take time to learn the language and mind set necessary for island success. There is Whidbey Island and there is “America”. I can educate you to Whidbey Island. Having developed my knowledge of Whidbey for over 25 years and was previously involved with construction and land development in “America”. This is a very unique place and it calls out for special attention to detail. You will pay later for what you don’t learn in advance about the differences between island land use and the mainland. There is a critical learning commitment necessary for successful real estate purchasing on Whidbey.

Whidbey Buyers Realty is structured to provide more information and guidance than conventional real estate businesses on Whidbey. I am a researcher, a systems analyst and land use consultant. Information guides and protects investments. I have made it my life’s work to make a home on Whidbey and educate clients. I am available as a resource to those who wish to invest wisely.

Moving your life’s course to Whidbey Island is a gift. You can prepare yourself to receive it. I am available to assist your passage from “America” to Whidbey. Welcome to Whidbey Island and the opportunity for Exclusive Buyer Agency!