About Bert

In 1989 I set out to gain a comprehensive understanding of the real estate business.  The market place then was universally dominated by Brokerages focused on listing properties for Sellers.  Buyers got the limited remainder of listing agent’s focus/time and the market position was “Buyer Beware”!  In discussions amongst agents, most agents would likely acknowledge a dislike of working with Buyers.  The statistics were, show properties to 10 Buyer’s to accomplish one sale.  The State of WA legislature became alarmed at the amount of litigation occurring in reference to Buyer’s being poorly served.  By 1996 new laws were put in place to protect Buyer’s.

Coupeville pierThe inherent conflict of interest between listing agents and working with Buyer’s was problematic for me and so in 1992 I began using a Buyer Agency contract and developed a new model in WA for representing Buyer’s.  The 1996 Agency Law merely complimented what I had initiated.

Since 1995 I have worked as an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker with the skills and market expertise for competitive real estate purchasing. I save clients thousands while protecting their investment dollars and guiding real estate portfolios for maximum return.

Exclusive Buyer Agency is very different from Buyer Representation in that there is a direct contract with the Exclusive Buyer Broker (me) as opposed to a contract of representation with an agent under the auspices of a managing Broker who represents Buyers and Sellers and can reassign the agent or the representation of the agency contract depending on circumstance.

The market is still predominately controlled by Brokerages focused on listing properties.  Buyer Agency is common though limited in scope, Exclusive Buyer Agency is a rare opportunity and focuses on the needs of Buyers exclusive of Sellers.  Most agents spend the bulk of their time on listings and have limited understanding of Exclusive Agency, a service they cannot offer.

Stop disclosing your position to sales agents.  Exclusive Buyer Agency can empower your real estate acquisition process.

A new opportunity of real estate purchasing is available.

Discover the difference an Exclusive Buyer’s Broker can make.


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