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This database has abbreviated access to the general public and requires real estate licensing for full access.

Savings based commissions
I structure a unique financial formula, client specific, to eliminate conflicts of interest, creating an incentive system for obtaining the lowest possible acquisition price.

FSBO (for sale by owner) specialist
The Exclusive Buyer Agency contract structures a fee for FSBO Sellers. Thus eliminating concerns on the part of the Seller and strengthening the Buyer’s opportunity for negotiation.

Investment purchasing
I develop special research projects for investors interested in high return-on-investment acquisitions.

Independent market research
I am available at an hourly rate to review a prescribed market set as instructed by the client.

Market opportunity consulting
I develop prospective investment opportunities and/or evaluate client proposed projects.

Flat fee purchasing

Clients may retain my services for listed or un-listed property acquisition which they identify without my research, for an agreed upon flat fee and I will refund the balance of the Selling agent commission.
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Additional Services

  • Investment Protection
  • ISLAND LAND USE REVIEW (Stewardship)
  • Consultation & Project Management
  • Data collection
  • Process support
  • Negotiations
  • Site planning
  • Water systems